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"I didn’t realize my rent and utilities weren’t already reported! So pleased I added this, I’m already seeing an impact."

Hannah K


Fair and inclusive

VAt LevelCredit, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their future financial goals.

Credit you deserve

Get credit for payments you’re already making to build a credit score that tells the whole story.

Credit equality

Tens of millions of Americans have thin credit (or lack a credit score entirely), even though they’re making large, monthly payments for rent, utilities, and more.

Now, with LevelCredit, you can build credit – without taking on debt.

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We’re leveling the credit playing field to give you the credit you deserve.

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"This service is great if you need (like me) a helping hand with credit and don’t want to take on any more debt!"

Sam S.

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"I wanted to improve my score so I can apply for a small business loan."

Amy R.

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"I need a better score to get a personal loan."

Steph T.

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"My credit needed a tune up, just like my car!"

Chris K.

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"I want to buy a house someday, soon."

Andrew D.

“Already, LevelCredit has interrupted the credit industry with rent reporting by making it possible for consumers to build credit without having to take on debt,”
“The new corporate strategy will continue to redefine the credit reporting space and, as a result, positively impact the financial future of millions of Americans.”

Scott Lindquist
Chief Financial Officer

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