Getting consumers the credit they deserve® to make financial progress

LevelCredit helps renters and property managers with three key product lines.

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For renters & homeowners

Report your cell phone, rent and utilities with Level Credit and get credit for the payments you’re already making.

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For property managers

RentTrack Reporting allows property managers to offer a valuable credit-building incentive to renters.

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Credit Builder: Getting renters credit they deserve®

LevelCredit’s consumer application, Credit Builder, helps renters build credit by reporting rent payments to the major credit bureau – no landlord involvement required.

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RentTrack Payments

This next-generation online rent payment system under the LevelCredit umbrella makes it simple for renters to pay rent – making it easier than ever for property managers to collect on-time payments.

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RentTrack Reporting

Not only is LevelCredit’s RentTrack Reporting a credit-building amenity that property managers can offer to renters for making payments – it also includes a revenue share for properties.

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The problem: 51% of the country is either un-represented or under-represented in credit.

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“Already, LevelCredit has interrupted the credit industry with rent reporting by making it possible for consumers to build credit without having to take on debt,”
“The new corporate strategy will continue to redefine the credit reporting space and, as a result, positively impact the financial future of millions of Americans.”

Scott Lindquist
Chief Financial Officer

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Fully supported and totally secure

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Next-level support

Our friendly support team is available to answer your questions, whether you’re a renter with a credit question or a property manager new to using our platform.

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Bank-level security

Keeping financial data and identities safe is a responsibility we take seriously, and we use bank-quality security standards to ensure all our customers’ data is secure.

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Other ways LevelCredit benefits renters

Credit equality

We believe all Americans should have the opportunity to build credit, and with rent reporting, they can do just that – without taking on debt.

Industry disruption

We revolutionized the credit industry by introducing rent reporting, and we’re continuing to find new ways to level the credit playing field.

Report inclusivity

A person’s financial history includes more than just debt, and our rent reporting service provides a more accurate view of their credit story.

Financial empowerment

With a more inclusive credit score and insights into how their actions impact it, renters feel empowered to take control of their financial future.

Credit doesn't have to be mysterious

Take control of your financial future with a better understanding of how credit works.

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