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We help you get the credit you deserve® by adding the large monthly payments you’re already making to your credit report with the major credit bureaus.

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1. Sign up and connect to your bank account

  • Confirm your identity with a few quick questions to create a LevelCredit account.
  • Connect to your bank with confidence, thanks to our high-level data encryption.
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2. Select your payment — and leave the rest to us

  • Securely link your bank to your LevelCredit account.
  • Identify your rent payment using our simple platform.
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3. Get credit for payments you're already making

  • See a new rental agreement tradeline on your credit report.
  • See your score benefit from a complete picture of your credit history.
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4. Bonus: Opt in to report past payments

  • Report up to 24 months of past payments on the same lease for a one-time fee.
  • No past payments to report? No problem. You've got your whole future ahead of you.
"I had a bunch of old stuff on my credit and this created a new on time payment record which shot my score up almost 50 points in the first month alone."
Natasha T.

Get insights and updates, any time

Check your score and get personalized tips for reaching your financial goals.

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Feel empowered

It’s your credit. Now you can see it all – including the major monthly payments you’re making – on the Credit Builder platform.

Get the support you need

You’ve got questions. We’ve got experts available to answer them wherever you are, whenever you need us.

$1M Identity Theft Insurance & Restoration - backed by Transunion. 

Criminals can get a payday loan in your name, even file tax returns. Identity theft is a serious issue, so we're including a serious benefit.

  • ZERO Deductible $1M Identity Theft Insurance
  • Access to a Personal Case Manager
  • 7 Year Extended Fraud Alerts
  • Police Reports Completed
  • One-to-One Guidance
  • 100% Guaranteed Credit Restoration

Fraud is on the rise


US victims of fraud


Up year over year


U.S. adults experienced fraud


Hours resolving fraud

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Get the credit you deserve®

Put the payments you're already making to work on your credit score - without taking on new debt.


  • Rent reporting to the major credit bureaus
  • Credit score & insights with financial education
  • User-friendly platform to track progress

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