LevelCredit API

Find ways to build with LevelCredit and help your users get the credit they deserve.

Use cases

Property Management Software Platforms

  • Give your California-based property managers the ability to easily comply with SB-1157 regulations.
  • Allow your property managers to apply residents' payment histories to their credit reports and scores.

Property Management Companies

  • Provide residents value by reporting their rent payments to major credit bureaus, no matter how they pay.
  • Property Managers can attract and retain better renters, increase on-time payments and reduce delinquencies and skips.

Banks / FinTechs

  • Provide your customers value by reporting rent and utility payments to major credit bureaus.

Our clients

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I had no idea that I could report my rent to credit bureaus and get my credit score up. It’s been a fast and easy process. I’m in love with the platform. I’ll be a customer for life.”