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Give your users more

You've worked hard to acquire your users and provide them great benefits and features. By integrating LevelCredit into your offering, you have an opportunity to give them more.

LevelCredit is a consumer data reporting company pioneering reporting residents payments to all three major credit bureaus.

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Payment reporting

Reporting monthly payments to TransUnion and Equifax for 1.2M users, LevelCredit is also offering past rent payment and utility payment reporting. The service also enables score tracking, personalized credit insights, credit protection & identity theft insurance to further benefit users.

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Empower your users to take control

Security and compliance are two of our core pillars - providing bank-level security standards. Empower your users to take control of their financial future no matter where they are on their credit journey.

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Reporting rent
Reporting rent


Discover how integrating with LevelCredit can help your users get the most out of the payments they're already making.

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Find out what an integration can do for your users or residents, and increase the value that you provide them.

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I had no idea that I could report my rent to credit bureaus and get my credit score up. It’s been a fast and easy process. I’m in love with the platform. I’ll be a customer for life.”