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CreditPop is now LevelCredit

The rent reporting service you know and trust is now part of the LevelCredit family – and we’re coming up with even more ways to help you get the credit you deserve.

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New name, same mission

About LevelCredit

Get the Credit You Deserve®

Welcome to LevelCredit! You might know us as CreditPop – and rest assured, when it comes to the rent reporting services and credit-building mission you trust, nothing has changed. But we’re now under the LevelCredit (previously known as RentTrack) umbrella and we’re making a few updates, starting with our name. Because we take our mission of helping you build credit seriously – and our new name reflects exactly what we do.

You see, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build credit, and in 2014, we disrupted the credit industry by becoming the first online rental payment platform to report residents’ payments to all three major credit bureaus. Initially, we focused solely on giving property managers a convenient online payment platform while giving their residents a way to use their rent payments to build credit – without taking on any new debt. But we quickly realized that we could offer that rent reporting service to all renters, even if their property managers didn’t use our platform.

Now, we’re working hard to take this even further for renters all over America. Rent might be the largest monthly payment most American renters make, but it’s not the only one. And so, we’re on a mission to get other payments, like utilities, added as new tradelines on your credit report, increasing the amount of positive data used in calculating your credit score. Plus, we’re adding the ability to report past rent payments, so you won’t only earn credit for your future payments, but you may even be able to get credit for the payments you’ve made over the last two years.*

*Up to 24 months on the same lease. Separate fee applies for back reporting.

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