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Leveling the credit playing field

About LevelCredit

On a mission to make credit accessible to all

We’re LevelCredit, a consumer data reporting company previously known as RentTrack, which disrupted the credit industry back in 2014 by becoming the first online rental payment platform to report residents’ payments to all three major credit bureaus. Initially, we focused solely on property management companies, giving property managers a convenient online payment platform while also giving their residents a way to use their rent payments to build credit – without taking on any new debt. We still offer these services through two of our key products, RentTrack Payments (a next-gen online payment platform) and RentTrack Reporting (a credit-building amenity property managers can offer to renters), but we wanted to help even more people take control of their financial future.

After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to earn credit for paying rent, even if they aren’t renting from a property that utilizes our platform? For most renters, it’s their highest monthly expense, so we decided to make it possible for anyone to build credit with their responsible payments, no matter how they pay, and that’s where our consumer product, Credit Builder, comes in. In just minutes, anyone can sign up for an account, securely connect to their bank, tag their rent payments, and start building credit for payments they’re already making.

Today, LevelCredit is the industry leader at reporting monthly rent payments to TransUnion, and Equifax, and we’re working hard to enable reporting utility payments and past rent payments as well. But that’s not all we do – we also include score tracking, personalized insights, and credit protection to keep fraud and identity theft at bay.

We take our customers’ security and satisfaction seriously by backing up everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and following bank-level security standards, because we want everyone to feel empowered to take control of their financial future, no matter where they are on their credit journey.

Simplifying the payment process

RentTrack’s next-gen online rent payment platform simplifies the rent collection process for property managers and residents alike. RentTrack Reporting helps renters build credit without taking on new debt, while RentTrack Payments includes a revenue share for properties.

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Automating rent reporting

Credit Builder by LevelCredit helps consumers get the credit they deserve by reporting the large monthly expenses they’re already making, like rent, to the major credit bureaus. Credit Builder is leveling the credit playing field for millions of Americans by making credit fair and accessible for all.

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Matt Briggs

Matt Briggs

Founder & CEO

Founder/CEO of 700 Credit (Acq. ADP)

  • Founder/CEO of ScreeningOne
  • (Acq. Providence PE)
  • 20+yrs building & selling companies
  • 20+ yrs in financial technology
  • Core talents: growth strategy & strategic partnerships
  • BS, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Darryl Eaton

Darryl Eaton

Founder & CTO

Creator of Yahoo! Web Messenger

  • 20+ yrs product development in B2B & B2C
  • Startup veteran
  • Core talents: product management, development & execution
  • BS, Yale University
  • MBA, UC Berkeley
Curtis Knievel

Curtis Knievel

Partner & CRO

Co-Founder/SVP Sales of 700 Credit (Acq. ADP)

  • 20+ yrs scaling companies
  • 20+ yrs in financial technology
  • Startup veteran
  • Core talents: sales strategy, execution & strategic partnerships
  • Northern Arizona University
Kristian Lund

Kristian Lund

Founder & COO

  • 14+yrs technology industry
  • 10 yrs operations management
  • Large scale business transformation initiatives
  • Core talents: operations, process & execution
  • BS, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
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