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Add $29,400 of rent & utility payments to your credit score*

Add rent and utility payments to your credit score with Credit Builder by LevelCredit. Considering the typical American renter pays $1,225* per month in rent and utilities, this could go a long way toward helping you build credit.

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You're just five minutes away from reporting rent

Sign up, connect your bank account, and let us take it from there. We'll find your rent and utility payments -- and then report them automatically. No landlord participation required!

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Feel secure with our bank-level security

We adhere to the strictest data and security standards to ensure complete data protection for your financial information and identity.

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Work toward your financial goals, fully supported

From reporting your largest monthly expenses to offering personalized tips for improving your credit score, Credit Builder is here to help you get the credit you deserve®.

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Tools built to help your credit grow

Report Rent

Identify your rent payment in your bank account, to report automatically each month.

Report Past Rent Payments

Credit Builder automatically detects all previous rent payments, which can be reported all at once.

Report Utilities

Once you’re set up to report rent, Credit Builder will detect and report eligible utility payments.

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"Reporting my rent boosted my credit score which I turn helped with my auto refinancing. Saved me over $8,000.”
Nnamdi A.
Reporting rent
Reporting rent


  • Rent reporting to the major credit bureaus
  • Credit score & insights with financial education
  • User-friendly platform to track progress

Let us help you get the credit you deserve®

  • Get credit for the payments you’re already making, without taking on debt.

  • Sign up, connect your bank, and we'll report all future rent and utility payments.

  • Opt in to report up to two years of past payments on the same lease for a one-time fee.

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